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The Phoenix Olive Grove.


The Phoenix Olive Grove Olive Oil is produced solely from the fruit grown on the property in Smeaton Victoria. Our olives are harvested in the coolest month generally of late June, then processed immediatly on site to ensure our oil is of the highest quality. The only time the oil leaves the property is to be sold to the public.


The Phoenix Olive Grove Olive Oil is harvested, pressed, bottled and labeled on the property.


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil combines fresh aromas of green grass and leaves with a firm fruit flavour showing the robust style of our oil. The finish is clean and displays firm bitterness and balanced pungency with a pleasant fruity aftertaste, ideal for drizzling over complex salads, roast meats or dipping with bread.



We have three varities of trees at The Phoenix Olive Grove, Correggiola, Nevadillo Blanco and Picual.  The Correggiola olive tree has a very high yeild of fruit and produces the most amount oil. Nevadillo Blanco is a dual purpose fruit that ripens faster than the Correggiola creating the fruity after taste in our oil. The Picual tree which is scatted thought the grove produces a large sized, dual purpose olive. This tree is a self-pollinator that helps with pollinating the rest of the grove to give us the most out of our trees. These varieties of tree gives us the best range of oil and helps achieve the highest quality as well and quantity of oil from our grove.